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samurai_8's Journal

Samurai 8 - Tales of 7 Samurai... and 1 Samuraiko
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The tales of seven samurai... and one samuraiko!

"While in the merchant city of Kougakyo, seeking samurai to help them fight the Nobuseri, Shimada Kambei and the others encounter a samuraiko named Nasami. On a Musha Shugyo, her wandering has led her to Kougakyo... and to the samurai..."


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What SAMURAI 7 Samurai are You?

Some of you have asked, so now here it is... a chance to play around and write for my version of SAMURAI 7. The primary focus of this community, in addition to being a SAMURAI 7-based fan fiction community, is the presence of an original character - a samuraiko by the name of Kakita Nasami.

Who is Nasami? Check out this FAQ to find out! (And thanks to ekmisao for the nod!)

The whole idea for this community came from an original story of mine, where I "re-told" the story of SAMURAI 7 with the inclusion of an original character, a woman in search of enlightenment who joined the Seven on their travels. Nasami was originally created for "Legend of the Five Rings," a role-playing game by Alderac Entertainment Group based on "The Book of Five Rings" by the legendary Miyamoto Musashi. Set in a fantasy realm akin to medieval Japan, Nasami's adventures ran for the better part of four years. When I later saw SAMURAI 7, I knew she had to be in it...

And the story "The Sword of the Soul" was born.

Many people loved the idea of a strong female samurai character in the setting of SAMURAI 7, and Nasami began making "guest" appearances in other authors' works - the ultimate compliment.

Now, I share her with you... my only requests are these:

1) If you have questions about Nasami herself, please visit:
Nasami's Background

Nasami, the Seven, and the Peasants, Part 1

Nasami, the Seven, and the Peasants, Part 2

On the Code of Bushido, Part 1

The Voice of Nasami

You may, of course, take some liberties with Nasami, but don't change her too much!

2) For those who are posting stories, please use the following format:

Subject line:

At the top of the story itself, please include:

Ratings: All ratings are welcome, but anything of an R or higher rating must be clearly marked as such in front of the LJ-cut.
Warnings: You guys know how these work, but I'll post a code for the novices.
Disclaimer: (Yes, you need one, because none of us own SAMURAI 7, and none of YOU own Nasami. Now, if you're adding your own original character(s) in as well, I'd suggest including a claimer.)

3) LJ-cut: Anything longer than a drabble and ALL artwork must be put behind an LJ-cut.

For those who would like to use a broader vocabulary in their writings, you are welcome to make use of the glossary I have compiled:

A Useful Glossary

I'm sure there will be more to come! Keep watching, and spread the word!