Samurai_ko (samurai_ko) wrote in samurai_8,

Mirror Images - a drabble for EK

Because I love the idea that you don't know which one of them is doing the talking.  And you know who 'they' are.

Mirror Images

I don't like you. 
I don't believe you. 
And above all, 
I don't trust you. 
After all, 
it takes a traitor to know a traitor. 
So how can I trust you? 
You always smile 
when you think others are looking at you. 
But your voice is too quiet. 
And you're always watching me 
with those shadowed and shuttered eyes. 
Outwardly calm, but inwardly seething. 
I know that you're planning to kill me. 
Traitors never forgive other traitors 
because traitors never forgive themselves. 
But they would never believe me. 
One thing above all bothers me... 

Who do you remind me of?

Tags: drabble, ek, fan fiction, samurai_ko

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