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Samurai 8 - Tales of 7 Samurai... and 1 Samuraiko
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morgankit [userpic]

Commission artwork for samurai_ko, that's what!  A long while back, Michelle commissioned me for five pieces of artwork based on various scenes in tSotS, and as of now, I have four of them done in line art.    

Artist: morgankit
Characters: Nasami, Kambei, and Kyuzo (other samurai in background)
Rating:  NSFW, please view with caution.
Nasami is samurai_ko's original character.  

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morgankit [userpic]

This was a belated birthday gift from Michelle to me a few years ago?  I am posting this here on behalf of Michelle, and also that I do not accidentally delete it.  It is a very LOVELY fic and close to my heart, as per usual, by our lovely benevolent overlord, samurai_ko .  

We hope you enjoy it.  <3

Title:  Talk To Me
Author: samurai_ko 
Pairing:  Kyuzo/Nasami
Rating:  NC17, NSFW, explicit sexual content, read with caution.  Artwork is included.
Word count:  >3,100
Summary:  Nasami has taken the upper hand on Kyuzo to make a point.  The trouble is getting Kyuzo to cooperate... or is it really going to be so tough?

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Sinja Angels [userpic]

Nasami meets evilKambei! (dum dum duuuuum!)

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Sinja Angels [userpic]

Header: A companion fic to the fan art of Nasami and femKyuzo as children
Title: Sisters of the Sword
Author/Artist: Sinja Angels
Ratings: G
Disclaimer: Samurai 7 belongs to Akira Kurosawa/Gonzo. femKyuzo child is based on the original character of Samurai 7. Nasami belongs to Samurai_ko.

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Sinja Angels [userpic]

A young Nasami combing femKyuzo Child's hair. That's why it's less spiky. :3

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morgankit [userpic]

Hello again :D
Series:  Samurai 7, AU, Nasami/Kyuzo
Rating:  Mature NC17
Summary:  Kyuzo does not approve of Nasami’s choice of pantyhose.
Notes:  Nasami is </a></b></a>samurai_ko's.  A small and very old illustration included, too.  :)  Enjoy!

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morgankit [userpic]

A surprise pick-me-up fic for Michelle!  Please enjoy, everybody.  <3

Characters:  Kambei/Nasami
Genre:  Romance / Hurt&Comfort
Rating:  NC17, slightly to very mature
Summary:  After giving birth to their first child, Nasami’s body is still engorged, making her ache unbearably. 
Notes:  Thank you samurai_ko for letting me use Nasami for my perversions artistic variations.  This has also recently been edited.  No other notes?  Unless asked.  XD

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Sinja Angels [userpic]

I've only posted here once. Want to make sure this place stays alive.
So here's a S8 AU picture.
Nasami belongs to Samurai-ko and her design belongs to Morgankit.


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morgankit [userpic]

Title:  Anchor

Series: Samurai 7, circulating with The Sword of the Soul ficverse
Genre/rating:  Drama, romance, pg13 (rating will go up!)
Summary:  Months after the last battle for Kanna village, the souls of the fallen samurai are kept in place by their respective rights, but Komachi finds it very disturbing when she intercepts a fifth spirit in the graves.  What secrets are being hidden with the dead?
Notes:  Nasami is Samuraiko's.  Obvious spoiler fic is obvious!  This fic has an alternative ending to tSotS if the events in In Passion’s Silence had actually taken place.  Refer to the master list of stories, here, too, for in-fic-references.

Prologue and Chapter one.

Chapter two.

Thanks!  Happy independence day!
- morgan

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Samurai_ko [userpic]

Blame morgankit- she sent me this fabulous piece of AU art of everyone's favorite threesome, so I had to do a story on it.  And she went nuts over the story.  So... I figured I'd share!  (I intend to post it up in the Pillow Book Tales when I have a spare hour, but in the meantime, here it is.)

I will warn you now - this is definitely somewhere between an R and NC-17 rating, and well... um... well, you'll see when you read it.

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